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Re: Printing Mixed Sizes on WC7970

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Thank you for the quick response!


It turns out special pages does work for an entire document. But when I am trying to print just a section of a document it fails and defaults to print all pgs 8.5x11. In order to print only a section I needed to extract the pages as a seperate file for it to work.

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Printing Mixed Sizes on WC7970

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That should not be happening with special pages if Choose paper source by pdf page size is not enabled.

That absolutely will happen when using Choose paper source by pdf page size


So set it like this



And the Exceptions here (Obviously your page numbers will differ, but the rest is identical)



Your driver is clearly wrong though,  a driver from 10 years ago supporting a device that is maybe 2 years old? grab the right driver from here, I suggest the Global Print Driver PS.


Failing that, post yuor firmware version and post a copy of a test file and I will replicate in-house here using either the GPD PS driver or the latest Native driver (PS or PCL). If I can replicate it I will send it to Engineering to look into. But I can't replicate it with my setup now. Which is:


Windows 7 Enterprise and 10 Pro both x64

Latest GPD PS 5.496.7.0

Latest spar firmware



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Joe Arseneau

Printing Mixed Sizes on WC7970

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I am having difficulty printing mixed page sizes with WC7970. I need to print mainly 8.5x11s with some 11x17s mixed in all double sided.


I have tried using both "Choose paper source by PDF page size" and going through "Special Pages". Both ways seem to have the same outcome: the 8.5x11s print fine, the first 11x17 in the set is correct, and then the remaining 11x17s are shrunk to about 1.5x2 and printed on 8.5x11 paper.


Any suggestions?


Incase it helps, we are using a PS driver

Driver Name: PrintQueue.inf
Class Guid: {1ED2BBF9-11F0-4084-B21F-AD83A8E6DCDC}
Driver Date: 06/21/2006
Driver Version: 6.3.9600.16384

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