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Re: Printing Problem on Xerox C75

Yea give what Joe try a shot, we had the same issues. 

We also did large bleeds to just to prevent the overlapping of back and front. But when it's major like this try the image shift options

But also align the trays every now and again they go offline. 


On our machine Tray 6 (oversize) is one of the ones we baerly ever have a problem with. Tray 1,2,3 yeah


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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Printing Problem on Xerox C75

There are at least 4 ways to fix it.


1.Per Job



2. With CWS you can do a tray alignment for everything through the Fiery. (Must be logged in as admin)




3. Then you can apply the change to the hardware at the copier as admin via Machine status > Tools > System Settings > Common Service Settings >  Maintenance > Alignment Adjustments > Manual Alignment Adjustments


4. And then again there is SIQA assuming you have it installed and configured.


Number 3 is probably the best all around one since it applies to the device with the issue directly, then 4. I'd probably go in order of 3,4,2,1 now that I think of it, and I could have changed the order quicker than typing this italicized portion at the end, weird....

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Joe Arseneau
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Printing Problem on Xerox C75

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We have a Xerox C75 Press and we're using a Fiery server. When we print 9 double sided postcards on a large cardstock, the front will be aligned, but the back side will be pushed off to the side by a bit. When we start cutting the postcards, we notice that the alignment is off. How do we correct this?


I've double checked the file, and nothing is wrong with it. The C75 machine keeps doing this for everything we print, double sided flyers, business cards, etc.


Please help.


Thank you in advance,

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