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Printing chapters with slip sheets on the J75

I am trying to print a document that is a merge of several files into chapters. The merge was created by selecting the "merge" feature while the document was in the hold qeue in the Command Workstation. I want to slip sheet between chapters. Can someone tell me how to set the media job properties to accomplish this?

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Re: Printing chapters with slip sheets on the J75

Assuming Fiery and not Freeflow:


In CWS5 go to the job properties and select Media

Enable the Slip sheets and the tray and size to be used



Scroll down and define the Chapter Starts and enable the Seperate Finishing Set option




That should work, if not, disable the Slip Sheets and use New Insert instead, then just define where in the job to put them (Probably 1 page previous to each Chapter Start)



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Joe Arseneau
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