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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: Printing from AS400 gives error 016-757

Hi Virgule59,

since some time I worked directly with AS400... not sure you tried this, but, if you printing with AS400, I suppose you would embed the account code into the datastream by using the Work Station customization table.


These are not instructions for your model.. but I expect they woulld work the same.



hope it helps

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New Member

Printing from AS400 gives error 016-757

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HI everybody,


All his in the subject, i've now had to print from my As400 to a WC 7120. for that i use xtools0818 and configure the outq like explain in the document. The printer have network authentication only for color print. 


How can i bypass the authentication for As400.


Best Regards.

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