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Printing from context menu avoids secure print

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We have secure printing enabled on our Workcentre 7855 by default. All machines are currently forced to print securely.

However, if a file is right-clicked and told to print from the context menu, the secure print function is circumvented. How can this be fixed?

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Printing from context menu avoids secure print

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The printer does not get queried because no application has been opened so the setting on the printer never gets queried at all, in order for it to do secure print by default, you would need to set Secure print in the driver preferences itself, which is of course your default printer.


Start > Devices and Printers

Right-click the default printer and select Printing Preferences and set it to Secure Print with a default code to release per PC.



From your other post it appears you have it set from a Print server as a policy, and don't want it mandatory, so on the server go to Devices and Printers , right click the shared printer and go to Printer Properties > Advanced > Printing defaults and change it to Secure Print there so it gets pushed to the clients as a printing Preference (Which can also be bypassed when needed per your other post) and once the Client PC reconnects it should also work in this case in theory, but since the driver never gets opened I am not sure how it will handle the prompt for a secure print code.)

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Joe Arseneau