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jmcdowel New Member
New Member

Printing in Greyscale only

Ever since I hooked up my 8500/8550 Phaser to my laptop I can't print in color and my printing options to set the color are missing.


The printer itself will print in color ... I know this because of the cleaning pages and start up pages that run from the printer.  However,  when trying to print from my computer,  everything comes out greyscale.  Whether it's from windows, a print program or whatever.  I use to be able to adjust the setting from my printer control panel on my computer,  but the option to do that is not there.  WTH ??


I've downloaded a new driver with no luck.  Any ideas?


Thanks for your time!


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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Printing in Greyscale only

are you using the global driver? If you bidirectional setup is not good, you can do this manually...


Look in the options tab , there you can select 8500... manually , then you will have the color back


Or use the non global driver...

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