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Printing on SRA4 size paper

Product Name: Phaser 7500
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

I can't get the printer to print on SRA4 paper; SRA3 no problem.

I put the paper in the printer and it detects it is SRA4 - the printer driver allows me to select this   Next, I get the Windows Print Setup screen, but there is no option for SRA4 (there is for SRA3). It prints an A4 size part of the page on the SRA4 paper but scales it up to fill the paper - I have part of the page and it is the wrong scale (I am printing maps).

I cannot use the custom size option because the printer auto-detects the paper size as SRA4 and overrides the custom size

Is there any way of fixing this problem - is it Xerox or Microsoft?

Any help gratefully received


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Re: Printing on SRA4 size paper

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