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Re: Printing self cancels

Hello rp251, 


Is the orange light on solid or is it flashing, are you getting any error codes or message.  One thing you could do it log into CentreWare Internet Services to see if you have any conflicts or job suck.   Have you tried a to ping your printer to verify the connection?


To view the status of the printer:

  1. From the computer, open an Internet browser window.
  2. Enter the IP address of the printer in the Address field, and then press [Enter] on the keyboard. The CWIS window will be displayed.
  3. Click on the [Status] button or tab.

    NOTE: The general status of the printer includes:
    • The ready-for-printing status of the printer.
    • The paper tray that is being used, the paper type, size, amount, empty, or full.
    • The total page count of printed pages.
    • The frequency that the printer status information is refreshed.
  4. To view the supplies status of the printer, click on the [Status] tab, and then click on the [Supplies] button. The amount of Toner (Dry Ink) in each Toner Cartridge will be displayed.
  5. To view the status of print jobs from the Main menu in CWIS, click on the [Jobs] button or tab.

    NOTE: CWIS keeps a log of current print jobs, including job names, submitter, the job status, and more.
  6. To view a job history list, click on the [+] to expand the [History List] folder, and then click on [Job History].
  7. Close the browser window.


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New Member

Printing self cancels

Product Name: Phaser 6010
Operating System: Linux

My printersays that it is Ready. Every time that I try to print it then cancels by itself.

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