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Re: Printing to WorkCenter 7835 from Linux w/ AMD architecture?

Hi tzcrawford,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the instructions for loading the driver and make sure you have installed properly.  Also check the System Admin Guide regarding more information on using the printer with Linux. If the problem continues please consider contacting your local support centre


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Printing to WorkCenter 7835 from Linux w/ AMD architecture?

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I am trying to print to my university's public printer, it is a WorkCenter 7835. My computer is running KDE Neon LTE, a variant of Ubuntu w/ KDE graphics. I have an AMD processor rather than Intel; I am using x86_64 architecture.

Looking at the Linux drivers for this model, there are multiple DEB and RPM versions ( I downloaded the DEB version for x86_64, but it is titled Linux Intel Driver. I don't know if that implies it does not support AMD systems. The other DEB driver is for i686, which is an intel processor type, not an architecture type. There is nothing listed for AMD systems. This is the only thing I think could be going wrong right now. Anyway, I executed that deb file to install the driver.


I then installed and ran xeroxprtmgr w/ sudo. I then followed the instructions at This was clicking the two down arrows for the install printer window. Then I clicked on the list icon on the top right, then manual install. Next I found the WorkCenter 7835, and input the IP listed on the actual printer in the options menu, gave it a name and hit okay. Next I went to that printer's queue settings>configuration tab>accounting, selected Xerox Standard Accounting, left everything else as default, and hit okay. I was told the accounting part was neccessary by the tech staff at the university.


Lastly, I used the command xhost +si:localuser:lp to ensure my user has privileges to automatically open the xerox accounting/printing manager when it became time to print. (This step is described here:


Finally I tried printing a pdf file with Okular. No xerox software ever popped up, just the regular printing menu. Hit the print button and nothing happened.


Any thoughts??


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