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Printing with Xerox model 3335

I have a Xerox work station model 3335 running under a Mac OS X v.10.6.6 and running Windows under bootcamp.


When under the Mac O.S the printer prints faultlessely, but when in bootcamp running Windows 10 every print request goes into the print queue and stays there.  There is no way I can get it to print.

If there are two documents in the Windows print queue I am often told that document number 1 is stopping the printing of ducument 2.

Deleting document 1 does nothing to sort out the problem.


Can anyone help me, thanks.



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Re: Printing with Xerox model 3335

So the Mac is using IPP/Bonjour to print, but what is Windows using?


If it is LPR, switch it to RAW (or vice-versa)


In either case SNMP and LPR byte counting should not be enabled

LPR queue name should be lp

RAW port should be 9100


None of this can be changed if there are jobs in queue, so delete them all before attempting to change them

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Joe Arseneau
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