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Printing without Manual Front Panel - WHEN?

Product Name: Phaser 6510
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

When will Xerox release a Phaser 6510 printer that is at least as "smart" as the circa 2000 Ricoh it replaced?  Specifically, when will it be able to print a non-default paper size from the bypass tray without requiring a walk to the printer to press "OK" or to go deep into menus to change the paper size to the size the application is telling it to print? I regularly have to print a small job that uses 3 different sizes of paper that I place in the bypass tray.  It doesn't matter that MS Word has the proper size paper identified in page setup, that the proper size and tray is selected from the print dialog for the Phaser 6510.  The print will not occur unless for each different sized paper I walk to the printer and select to change the bypass tray paper size (which I already did in the print dialog) or select "OK" to ignore the paper size I had set in the front-panel menu for the bypass tray as the "default" (most frequently used in that tray).  This is totally stupid.  The idea of a networked printer is so that the printer can be used from a location on the network that may not be in physical proximity to the source of the print job.  Yet Xerox provides no way through their driver or even the 6510's built-in web service to be able to say, "yeah, there is a different sized paper in your bypas tray - print".  I have to get up, go to the machine, press a bunch of buttons, go back to the workstation, bring up the next doc, go through the print dialogs, walk to the printer, press more buttons, go back to the workstation, bring up the third job in the series, go through the print dialoags, walk to the printer, press more buttons in order to get the printouts.  

With the old Ricoh, all I had to do was load the printer, select the tray and print, no walking back and forth to press front-panel buttons.  C'mon Xerox, its the 21st century!  Why don't I have FULL CONTROL OF MY PRINTER FROM MY WORKSTATION? 

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