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Re: Prints are faded out and dotted white (see picture)

I've had a similar problem to this

The issue was solved when i changed the fuser, though the fuser at teh time was not at 0 or close (teens) once I changed it the issue was solved, plus make sure you are selcting the correct GSM (paper type based on your model) for printing. 


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Re: Prints are faded out and dotted white (see picture)


the paper media supported by this machine is listed here ,you have to make sure about your paper is it supported my the printer or not !

what can i see that you are using 80lb glossy paper wich is approxemtly 118 gsm  and yes it is supported as per this sheet BUT it support only for text printing through the bypass Tray not Tray 1 and only simplex not duplex .

in the additional information it's mentioned that 
Gloss variation can occur from machine rolls on high coverage, solid fill prints; if so, adjust the fuser temperature, reduce coverage, or try a different paper.

it is so important to stay within the RML provided by xerox , if you dont want that and  as only for your under resposibility try to increase the fuser temperature by increase the gsm and select different type "heavier" than you usually select  


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Prints are faded out and dotted white (see picture)

Product Name: Phaser 7100
Operating System: Apple iOS

I need desperate help!

My phaser 7100 which is pretty new (few months old) is printing very weird prints. 

I am using 80lb glossy tabloid paper and printing double sided from bypass tray. 

It was working fine for a few months until this happened (see attached). I tried to contact Xerox, they sent a technician but they didnt know what the issue was and cannot fix it. They claim im using the printer at its capacity and the printer is not intended for this kind of use. I did research and found out that the printer can indeed support this type of media and printing.


Any help to figure out what is happening and how can we fix it is appreciate it.


The printer can barely do a double sided print normally and then were back to the same issue (see attached). If i print 10 blanc pages, it will clean the printer and i can print another double sided print again.


Link to pictures:


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