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Re: Prints only going to one tray

Thanks for the info, I will give it a try and see what happens.
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Re: Prints only going to one tray


I had the same issue with a printer of mine. In print properties- advanced tab

I had to click on the collating and put none on offset, which made my top tray accessible again from tray choices which hadn't been able to use.

Worth a shot for you.

Good Luck!

Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: Prints only going to one tray

Make sure the tray settings are matching.

Plain letter/A4 white for T1

Label letter/A4 white for T2

Make sure the auto select is turned on for each tray.  

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Prints only going to one tray

Product Name: WorkCentre 3655
Operating System: Windows 7

Hello all, having an issue that's driving us nuts. Hopefully someone can help

Background: Using over 30 Xerox printers no issue except for 1 printer (3655x). We have a print server. We use 2 entries for same printer. 1 for regular paper Tray 1, the other for label paper tray 2. Because of a particular application that's what we're stuck with, but it works. Been working for years.

Problem: One 3655x no matter which tray is printed to, always prints to tray 1. My print server settings are correct, same as all the other xerox's we have. So the issue has to be on this new 3655x that we are using.

Any ideas what could be wrong? Any tips to look into?


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