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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Problem Printing on Workcentre from Mac OS X 10.11

Be advised the following method is a workaround and is not endorsed or supported in any way by Xerox, there is no driver fo r10.11 as of todays date and I don't know of an ETA, so the official response is now "Our developers are currently developing / testing a new driver keep checking for a 10.11 driver, thank you and have a nice day."


Unofficially, to get to printing stuff today, try the following:



So, The new security stuff added killed the ability to install some drivers due to System Integrity Protection (SIP), aka “rootless” mode

Really, the same sort of thing MS does where if the driver is not digitally signed it doesn’t get installed. (Win 10 , Server 2008-2012)

Turns out, you can disable it, and it is pretty similar to how it is done in MS OS’s.


  1. Shut off Mac
  2. Hold down <Command> + <R> + <Power button>
  3. Select Utilities > Terminal
  4. In terminal type csrutil disable; reboot
  5. Install the required Xerox driver from the 10.10
  6. The above will say it will reboot, but it won’t, so reboot when completed
  7. When back up, install the printer per preferred method
  8. Shut off Mac
  9. Hold down <Command> + <R> + <Power button>
  10. Select Utilities > Terminal
  11. In terminal type csrutil enable; reboot


So now the Mac is back to normal locked down mode, driver/software should still work.


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Joe Arseneau
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Problem Printing on Workcentre from Mac OS X 10.11

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After updating to Mac OS 10.11, I can no longer print to my Workcentre 6015 NI.  Please assist.




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