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Problem with Mac driver on Workcentre 7120

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We have Xerox standard accounting enabled on our Xerox Workcentre 7120.  It has been working great with our Windows PC's but I have not had much luck with our Mac's.  I have configured the driver on the Mac to use the accounting system but every time I try to print I get a 016-757 error on the device.  According to the manual that indicates an incorrect password.  I know the password is right because I can go use the exact same username password combination on a PC and it prints with no problems.  The strange thing is that when I enter my credentials instead of the users I am able to print from the Mac.  I have no idea what the difference is.  I am pretty lost.  If someone has run across this problem before any solutions would be appreciated.  I don't want to turn the accounting software off because we want to track print jobs for our users.



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Re: Problem with Mac driver on Workcentre 7120

when you added users on the XSA webpage , did you also give the user a password?
When i confiure and when i create acconts :
user id = here i fill in a pincode
user name = user name
password = i leave blank , this is for extra security

WHen print from mac , choose the option : send user id only , the fill in field nr 1
that should work
016-757 is corresponding with field 3....!
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