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Re: Problems Sharing Plotter on 2008 R2

Did you ever get this unsharing problem figured out? thanks, 

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Problems Sharing Plotter on 2008 R2

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First time in this forum; hope someone can help me out and thanks to those who try.


I know from the documentation on some of the older drivers that this was a problem, but the driver version I'm using doesn't list it as a known issue yet I'm still experiencing the problem. 


I have two plotters, a 510 and a 6204, that use the same driver.  Our print server is Windows 2008 R2 which is, of course, 64 bit.  I'm now using version 14.0.4 of the HPGL2 FreeFlow Access Driver.  I add the plotter to the server, which shares the printer by default, and everything is fine. 


Now the problem arises when I need to go back into the share settings and "list in Active Directory" or add additional drivers.  As soon as I click the "OK" button the printer becomes unshared.  I can go back into the properties and reshare the printer, but it will unshare when I hit ok.  I can watch the share icon appear/disappear in my printer list. 


I've tried different driver versions and Googled to no avail. 

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