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Re: Process Manager 9.0 and MAX imposition

Upgrade to SP3. I think it might have been an issue.

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Process Manager 9.0 and MAX imposition

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I'm having a problem imposing a document with Process Manager 9.0 SP2.  When I submit my jobs using the job submission client the imposition works fine.  When I use a CSV file through MAX it does not impose correctly - even though it is the exact same workflow.  The files are being joined together and I'm imposing 2 up per page, 2 sided, cut and stack (so 4 pages per sheet).


It seems like anytime the total pages of the document is not divisible by 4 the imposition does not work with MAX, although it works fine if I run it through the job submission tool.


Anyone seeing the same or have any suggestions?  It seems like this is a bug...

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