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Question on ColorQube 8570

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I have many questions on the ColorQube 8570.

I want buy a ColorQube 8570 for print a Printed circuit board stencil on a transparency paper.


Question 1: The solid black ink on transparency paper is very opaque?

Question 2: The solid ink is spread evenly on the transparency paper?


I print this picture with Laser Samsung SCX-4623F 1200x1200 dpi.

Question 3: The ColorQube 8570 can do this precision or more?

Typon PCB



I see this Xerox document Q92AR-10U.PDF.

On page 13 I see this:




The quality of the ColorQube 9203 is not acceptable for print a Printed circuit board stencil.

Question 4: What is the millimeter size of this comparison?


The resolution of ColorQube 9203 is = 600x600 dpi

The resolution of ColorQube 8570 is = 2400 Finepoints


Question 5: The quality of ColorQube 8570 is four time beter that ColorQube 9203?


Thank you

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