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Re: RGB Neutral Gray

I believe I go it now, after lots of "paperwork".


RGB Neutral Gray: Pure Black

Best and perfect result for images containing lots of gray shades ... BUT my 5% black logo in the background will not be printed. I would have to increase the opacity which is annoying to re-edit all graphics.


RGB Neutral Gray: Automatic Black

Works good so far, the 5% black logo in the background appears on paper BUT a slightly too much magenta touch on my personal opinion.


Note: Monitors and printers will be re-calibrated after some time. Print and scan professionals do that on a regular basis (preferably in dark room mode). I hope that software (OS software updates, firmware updates, application updates, printer driver updates, printer firmware updates) will not tweak around with colors and color tones because if this occurs after software updates, you never get a state of the art "Color Fixpoint".


PS: Image upload is buggy on this Xerox Forum.

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RGB Neutral Gray

Product Name: WorkCentre 7525/7530/7535/7545/7556
Operating System: macOS 10.13 - High Sierra



I have found this article on Xerox corresponding the main Subject "RGB Neutral Gray":


I am having trouble to find the right print settings. The Gray color tone changes whenever

I make several prints of the same designed layout without making any changes in my print

settings. The Workcentre was calibrated using Troubleshooting > Print Calibration on the

printer. But for some reason printing out of Adobe InDesign sometimes changes the color tone

of gray images. Sometimes they do appear correctly, sometimes they have too much magenta

in it and it sometimes changes from printout to printout on my Workcentre machine without making

changes on my print settings which is annoying since you never get a "State of the Art" fixpoint.


My printer is calibrated, my monitor is calibrated using a color calibration hardware/software tool.


What is the difference between

- Pure Black ?

- Composite Black ?


- Pinter Default (Magenata/pink cast)

- Automatic Black (Magenta/pink cast)


? It's complicated enough for designers to get the right settings with all these

- printer color management settings

- application color management settings

- print dialog settings

- colorsync settings

- Monitor settings


Too many "settings"can be more irritating complicated rather than keeping it "Think simple".

I have disabled eSmart via Web Interface and diagnostic services in print dialog settings.

Why do I still get this file XRAAnalytics file in my system after printing pages out of




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