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Re: Firmware upgrade failure on WorkCentre 6515DN

Hello DrStrange,

If you are trying to contact someone directly, you can also Private Message them. Hopefully they see this and respond.

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Re: Firmware upgrade failure on WorkCentre 6515DN


Yes, I did update successfully over WiFi. And if I had reread the instructions in the Versalink Firmware Installation v7.pdf again I would have updated over ethernet/USB as instructed and that I tried to do in my original post.

Can I correct your post in the Hardware sub-forum: it was not I who downgraded to the bridging firmware, it appears to have been SadAdmin who did this.

Apologies for posting in the wrong sub-forum. If I had posted in the Hardware sub-forum, you surely would have seen my OP and not started another topic.

I downloaded the 65.69.51 firmware again to check the date given in the Versalink Firmware Utility, both from the link given in Xerox's website support page and from CathyO-Xerox's link. Both seem to point to the same link, although hers is for Windows 11 and I downloaded from the Xerox's support page for Windows 10, which is what I use. It would give one more confidence that one is getting the revised firmware if Xerox were to change the release date of the firmware from 22/09/15 to the release date of the revised firmware. File sizes for each file I downloaded are the same: 407,716 KB. The firmware upgrade utility says the date for each firmware .bin file is 2022/9/7 06:00:24. In windows the date modified is 2022/09/07 7:00, size on disk 417,501,184 bytes. I seem to remember when I was upgrading to 65.69.51 on 2022/11/3 that the date in the firmware upgrade utility was different and that it was 2022/11/3 although I cannot confirm that as I did not keep the .bin fiirmware file.

I assume that you are running the Firmware Upgrade Utility in the Administrator account?

Perhaps someone here who successfully upgraded to 65.69.51 and kept the .bin file could send it to you?

I am based in the UK so all dates are written as YY(YY)/M(M)/D(D).

I didn't keep the Software Upgrade Report but in the EWS these are what I have for the 65.69.51 file versions:

System v65.69.51

Controller ROM v1.84.2

IOT ROM v1.30

IOT2 ROM v4.11.0

ADF ROM v42.0.0

FaxROM v104.8.0

Panel ROM v91.6.11

Boot ROM v91.6.11

SJFI v4.7.0

SSMI v2.5.2

RSEP v1.8.25

Perhaps it would be more helpful to you if you could ask someone still on the 65.59.11 bridge firmware to post their file version numbers?

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