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erica34 New Member
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Redirect Documents in Print Que

Hi.  My place of business has 3 Xerox ColorCube 9203 Multifunctional printers installed on our floor.  My computer is networked to all three. My question: When I send a document to print to one printer (and I'm sending it secured-so that it won't print until I physically go to that printer and key in my password to release it), is there a way to go into the printer que and "redirect" that document to go to one of the other two printers?   I know I can cancel the document and resend it, but I'm looking for a way to redirect it from the print que payday loans no credit check because sometimes the screen that I printed from is no longer available and a reprint isn't possible.  Our printers are very busy and sometimes when I print a document I have to wait for another employee to print all their jobs, so I'm trying to find a way to quickly redirect my document from that printer to another less busy printer.  Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Just looking to see if this is a possibility.

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Fabio Valued Advisor
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Re: Redirect Documents in Print Que

hi, no thats not possile since the spool is already at the machine you need to have extra software for this, but this not free at charge... you can always contact me for more info...
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