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Reducing oil gloss on DC8000AP

I was wondering what tricks you have used to reduce fuser oil gloss.  I have tried different profiles and matte stock but there doesn't seem to be much difference.  I believe the more time the print stays in the fuser the higher the gloss will be so my thought is speeding up may help, although this is just a theory. 


I understand the newer models do not have this problem but I am looking for a work around with what I have. 




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Re: Reducing oil gloss on DC8000AP

has it been like that before? cause you could try running at least 10 blank copies and see if that helps. Other than that it should be enough to just choose the correct tray settings for the type of paper you use, if it is a third party paper this could also be the problem.


Cleaning the fuser/transport area could also be necessary.


Hope this helps!

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