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Remote shutdown

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This is probably not possible but I figured I'd ask anyway.  Is it possibly to remotely shutdown a Xerox printer? For example, if you have a power down at a site that hosts 100s of printers, is it possible to remotely shut them down, whether it be through the CWIS, XDM, or some other SNMP tool, rather than having to visit each printer and flip a switch?

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Re: Remote shutdown

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That would be a no. You can restart the printers from CWIS if you are logged in as admin:




You can do the same from running a script like this one here.


I don't see any real reason they would add the feature to shut them down though, reboot makes sense because it is used for troubleshooting issues, and some settings changes require it. But if you were remote support and accidentally misclicked and shut down the device instead of rebooting you would be in trouble. But that is just me guessing as to they why, not officially speaking for the development team.

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