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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Remove Tape - Yellow Cartridge message


There is a problem with a metal bracket that provides grounding to all cartridges, which have slipped out of position. That bracket is located under the left side cover.

First picture represent the side view of machine. The 2nd is with the metal bracket circled. What you have to do is to reattached the bracket (eventually with some glue). Make sure to put all the springs back in their positions. It is possible, because of losing grounding, to have all the cartridges to be defective so you may need to replace them all.



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Remove Tape - Yellow Cartridge message

Product Name: Phaser 6180MFP
Operating System: Apple iOS

I replaced the black toner cartridge and when I powered back on the machine, it gave me a message "remove tape - black cartridge."  When I did this, it then proceeded to do it for each of the 3 color cartridges and cycle back around to black again.  I've reset all the toner cartridges and power cycled the machine multiple times, but it is somehow locked up on this error message.  Please advise.

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