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peterbax New Member
New Member

Repeating print pattern, quality problem

Product Name: FX DP C3290 FS
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

C3290 we have had for several years, great unit. Last year I replaced the toner cartridges as I have done many times before, bought 2 toners off an online reseller, genuine catridges

The new Cyan toner installed displayed a repeating pattern 28mm in spacing long and about 25mm spacing across, so every 28mm along the length of the page there is a set of 8 equally spaced small wavy Cyan lines each about 10mm wide x 2mm high. On doing a bit of research it appears that this is a roller aprox 8.9mm in diameter and I had to guess inside the cartridge itself a defect exists.

I persevered with this for quite a while until it got the better of me and I relented and put the second new toner cartridge in figuring that I would just throw the faulty Cyan one away.

but on install the second new cartridge displayed almost identical behaviour, same spacing and defect and only the Cyan.

I find it hard to beleive that i have got 2 faulty catridges with an almost identical problem but that is what it seems like as there is nothing else that creates that repeating pattern spacing

Have half printed a page to eliminate the fuser and it seems that it cant be that

Anyone have any other ideas, I have ordered another cartridge to try and hopefully fix the problem but if that fails I really will need an explanation other than the cartridges.

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gabiene Frequent Advisor
Frequent Advisor

Re: Repeating print pattern, quality problem


That is because you store the cartridges for a long time and the drum stay in contact with the charge roll. Try to make more prints with the "new cartridge ", maybe the problem will go away.



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peterbax New Member
New Member

Re: Repeating print pattern, quality problem

Thanks Gabi

What is strange is I have put probably 7 cyan toners through the machine over its life and never had this issue before, then I get 2 faulties in a row of the same colour, just weird. The toner that was removed with the first fault had been in the machine for 6 months plus so I dont beleive more prints would make any difference.

I didnt realise they had a expiry or use by date

I have another new one to try turned up today, bit scared to put it in

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