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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Reset Phaser 6700dt to factory default.

Have you confirmed that the credentials are not the defaults?

user = admin

password = 1111


If you don't have admin rights, you can't make system changes, so you can't change the admin credentials, if you could, there would be no purpose in having admin rights.


Xerox reps can reset the password, or wipe the machine back to default out of the box configuration.


If you have admin rights, you just do the following:

Printer  >Tools > Setup > Service Tools > Reset NVRAM > Reset NVRAM


If you don't have admin rights, you can call Xerox and have the phone support rep generate a reset code, they will need the Serial Number and the current page count of the device, They will create you a 12 digit code and you would have to enter it at the machine by typing reset into the login screen, then you would put in the 12 digit code as the password.


The phone call is not free if you don't have a maintenance agreement with Xerox, if the person you speak to can't find the reset information, tell them it is in KANA ID 1728198 (They should be able to find that)

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Joe Arseneau
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Reset Phaser 6700dt to factory default.

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Hello there fellow forum members,

we have a Xerox 6700DT for our company, and its protected with a admin password. To enter any configuration menu of this printer, we need to enter this username + password.

Unfortunately someone who created this username + password in the past for us, forget this credentials, wich means, we cannot do anything inside of the configuration of this printer.


Is there a possibility for us, to reset this, and set it back to factory default?


I would be pleased if i hear from you.



Greetz Alexander


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