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Roles of Printing User

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Hello everyone

I have been trying to figure out the issue for a while now with no luck. 

I would like to set up our Versalink C7030 printer so that anyone can print black and white and only specific users / computers can print in color. 

Steps i've done so far. 

  1. I went to web interface and created a user account Pcolor. 
  2. Then i created printing user role Color where i allowed unlimited printing. 
  3. And for basic printing user role I restricted to unlimited black and white printing. 

Now i can't figure out how to tell my computer to print using Pcolor user. Everything i print comes out black and white. I tried using secure print and loging in to Pcolor user on printer itself prior to printing and it still prints black and white. 

Which setting do i change on my computer to tell printer to print using Pcolor user ? Or how could i implement my simple task of printing black and white for everyone and allowing color only for some. 

Thank you.

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Roles of Printing User

Assuming Xerox Standard Accounting is what you set up, you just tell the driver to prompt for color



Or set it to always prompt if you want to track BW as well.

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Joe Arseneau
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