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koriandr New Member
New Member

Samba and Xerox drivers



We have a Xerox WorkCentre 7525 and our print server uses Samba. When clients fetch drivers from the Samba server to install automatically the printer it doesn't works. The installation is broken (we have been able to pin down the problem to missing keys in the registry).


For XP we have been able to write a script to create the missing registry keys, but for Windows 7 we still have a problem. Are Xerox planning to correct this situation? I means, it's some basic stuff that should work. Our Sharp MX printer works perfectly with Samba.



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Xerox Analyst MicahS-Xerox
Xerox Analyst

Re: Samba and Xerox drivers

Last time I checked, it works fine on Windows based servers, but due to the additional information contained in our driver, a simple SAMBA server lacks the capacity to host the full driver solution. If we had bare simple drivers (or even Xerox drivers from about 5-6 years ago) this may have worked, however the robust interface requires registery entries that a SAMBA server cant address.


Our drivers are tested in standard client enviroments (Windows XP/Vista/7 - Mac OSX 10.5/10.6/10.7) and most standard server enviroments (Server 2003/2008/2008R2) but I'm afraid anything outside of that doesn't get "Full" support. 


My apoligies, but I'm glad you found a script to help you work around the limits of SAMBA.

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altsysrq New Member
New Member

Re: Samba and Xerox drivers

Has there been any progress in this?  We are trying to deploy printers using samba and even having a registry key that would fix some of the errors we get when printing or opening the properties dialog would be extermemly helpful.  We have tried using the Linux driver on cups and then loading the MS Publsiher Imagesetter driver on windows which gives us basic functions, but we really need all of the advanced functions.

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thcnbl New Member
New Member

Re: Samba 4 and Xerox drivers bi

Hello, same here any progress on "NORMAL' drivers or the ability to change them like HP does.

After 1 change the HP Universal drivers work fine.


Im using the Xerox global driver PCL6 and PS.

Both fail to work on my samba server.


NO I DONT HAVE ANY WINDOWS SERVERS, please provide a samba compatible drivers.

Im developing a lot on samba 4 ( AD compatible ) and if Xerox is not able to work with samba,

i'll put this on my website so people know that xerox drivers dont work. 


samba 3 and samba 4 with Xerox dont work. I had to BUY a extra windows lic just for Xerox, crazy !

Just make it work!





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seamanjeff New Member
New Member

Re: Samba 4 and Xerox drivers bi

Sorry for the necro-posting but is there anything a little less technically weak on this than Micah's response ?  No, we don't have any Window servers.   It's been 5 years.  Are you ceding this ground to your competitors?

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