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Sample VDP printing with FreeFlow 6.0 SP-2

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So how do you sample a VDP job?


The FreeFlow is only set to print 1 even though there may be 50k names I am printing out.


How would I sample every 100th record?

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Technical Escalation Support
Technical Escalation Support

Re: Sample VDP printing with FreeFlow 6.0 SP-2

I am responding to this old thread in case someone searches and finds this issue looking for a solution.


There is a script called setSpecialSample and it is found in the /opt/XRXnps/bin directory of the FreeFlow Print Server. When you enable the script, it changes the behavior of the sample function from sample every x sets to sample every x sheets. This will enable sampling for VI files.


To enable this feature:

1. Open a terminal window on your FFPS system.

2. become super user by typing "su", pressing enter and entering the appropriate password.

3. enter the following commands at the # prompt:

# cd /opt/XRXnps/bin

# ./setSpecialSample 1

4. Restart the FFPS software


To set the sampling behavior back to its default setting follow the above instructions and replace the 1 with a 0 in the ./setSpecialSample command.

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