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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: Saving print settings on Phaser 7500DN printer

When you open the Printing Preferences window to make all of your changes you should have "Saved Settings" feature on the driver which after you set all the settings you can then save and name the settings for whatever job you are running.


Unless this is a Mac - and then you would use presets. 

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Jordan R.
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New Member

Saving print settings on Phaser 7500DN printer

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I've just installed a new Phaser 7500DN, and discovered that it has a massive number of printer settings, particularly ciolor adjustments.


I frequently need to reprint a document months after the original printing, and would like to save the settings with the document.  I can manually type them into a Notepad page and save it, but would like to automate all or part of the process


Any suggestions?

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