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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Search for an upgrade file .ugd


You can upgrade machine software just if the controller boot up completely

In this situation when the network controller not booting up to 100% you will need a tech with PWS and Altboot tool to reinstall the software.




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Search for an upgrade file .ugd

Product Name: WorkCentre Pro 215
Operating System: Windows 7 x64

The machine stopped working like a printer (how the copier works). Error 03-340. I checked all the connectors. The machine is grounded. The network connection reaches 75% and falls into error. Suspicion that the firmware from statics has flown. (The machine is grounded)
I can’t connect to the printer’s WEB interface.

Installed "CC232-WCP275UtilitiesInstallWin98And2k12_00_006" on 32bit winXP (it wasn’t able to make it work normally on 7).
The utility in aggregate mode is connected to the machine (via USB). But for the upgrade requires a file with the extension .ugd
On the manufacturer’s website, firmware is only D136022000_00_1.DLM with a different extension. (for web upgrade that doesn't work)
Tell me where to look for this firmware with the .ugd extension?

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