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Secure Print issues on 2008 Print Server



I have several XEROX Multi-function devices that we are attempting to use Secure Print for.  I do not want to set Secure Print on the print server because only a small handful of users will be using this function but would like to have the user select Secure Print when needed.  The devices that I have tested with are a Xerox C70 and WorkCentre 7845s.  I have tested with the WorkCentre 7845 PS driver, and the Global PS Printer Driver.  The issue that we are seeing is if you select Secure Print and print from the client PC via the print server, it will print without being held.  If we define the printer by IP (taking the print server out of the mix), Secure Prints are held until released.  So far, I have tested on 2 seperate 2008R2 Print Servers with 4 seperate Xerox Mutli-functions. 


Has anyone seen this/addressed this?




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Re: Secure Print issues on 2008 Print Server

I haven't seen that and I am in 2nd level support for both devices. I suggest you call Xerox and have them/us spar it.

You would need a Configuration report for each device.

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Joe Arseneau
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