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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Secure Print only ID LDAP

It sounds like you are trying to use Network authentication (LDAP) as well as Secure Print, Secure Print is in no way tied to authentication, anyone at any time can submit a Secure Print simply by picking it in the driver, which I know you enabled ala Secure Print Only.


When they submit a job it goes over with their LDAP credentials, which just decides who can print and files it under their LDAP credentials at the printer.


The code they should have been prompted for for Secure Print is the only thing needed to release the job at the machine, and anyone at all that has that code can release it at any time whether or not they have LDAP credentials, they just need the Secure Print code generated when it was sent.


In short, whatever they entered in this exact prompt is what they need to use to get the job to print.



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Joe Arseneau
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Secure Print only ID LDAP

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Hello everyone


I would like to configure my printers (WorkCentre 7556 and Workcentre 5775) with secure print only.

I configure it to use the ID of the user.

When I print something I have a message box to put my ID (internal from the printer) .

When I go to the printer, secure print job tab I see one folder with my LDAP login. When I click on it I put my Xerox ID and Xerox password but I see nothing.

So I tried with code, but it doesn't work. I configure the printer for secure print with code, and my print server with secure print only.

But when I try to print something it doesn't ask me what code I want.


Can you help me to configure secure print only please ?


Thank you

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