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Re: Shift in colours mid print

Hello VCR, 


Sounds like you have tried everything already. So, at this point I would recommend contacting your local Xerox Support Department to request an onsite service call. 


Worldwide Contact Page: 

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New Member

Shift in colours mid print

Product Name: VersaLink C600 Printer
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Hello, hope you guys are well.

I recently got Versalink C600 printer and experiencing inconsistent colour issue. Already talked with support and they said colour registration should help...

I tried belt cleaning, calibration of colours, registration, ink mix. Combinations of those procedures, but not getting problem sorted.

My issue: Printer changes colours daily or while printing. Basically I have pale yellow background and all coverage is nice. But sometimes I'm getting my yellow super light, sometimes mid and sometimes more intese. I'm not even sure which print of those 3 are the correct one. 

Even today I was printing prints geting mid yellow and same doc, same paper, next page just became more intense yellow. So basically first 40 pages mid yellow and other 15 intense yellow. Other times in the morning it starts with pale yellow (this I could asume as belt issue), so cleaning usually shifts back to intense yellow and colour calibration and registration shift back to mid yellow or stays intese yellow - depends on printers mood. 

It's brand new printer, couple months old and Issue would say from the beggining. 

There is no email for tech support in UK, so I cannot send them info to show my issue and phone chat just told me colour registrations should help. 

But that change in mid of printing described above is just ridicilous as I cannot know then it does that. Obvious printing page by page is ridicilous then printer is 55pages per minute print speed. 

Could anyone advice what kind of setting should I check? Or where could be the issue. Also is there way to know then my colours is the intended ones by manufacturer as I'm having consisten 3 outputs of exactly same print. 


Thank you

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