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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: Simplest Secure Printing Method

This works like a charm, I have some clients use this so they can print all of their documents and then go to the printer and release them when they get a free moment. The only downfall to not using a software solution is the possibility of losing your prints - the Xerox could crash, the system could be rebooted, etc so you have to keep that in mind. 

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Jordan R.
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Re: Simplest Secure Printing Method

Hi Lovelyda7838, you can use Secure Print right from the Print Driver with no additional software required. 

Take a look at this Support Forum article and see if it helps with your issue.



Simplest Secure Printing Method

Product Name: Xerox Workplace Cloud
Operating System: Not Specified

Hello everyone! I'm looking for the simplest method possible to provide secure printing for our Xerox WorkCente 7855i's. The only feature we're looking to achieve is secure printing (currently they just send a print directly). We need it so the user needs to enter a PIN code or tap their card then collect the print, however don't want to install something like Xerox Workplace Cloud on every end point - surely there's a way this can be achieved with out the complications and resource usage which comes with an client installed on every end point?



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