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Slow response on Phaser 6700DN

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Good afternoon

My company just purchased and installed a Phaser 6700DN.  It has an unusually slow initial response time.  When printing even the simplest of documents (i.e., a 1-page pdf, no graphics), the file will "free up" immediately at the monitor, but it takes about a half a minute for the green light on the printer to begin blinking and finally print the page.  (On a multi-page document, once the printing actually begins, the per-page rate is fine.).

We replaced our Phaser 6360 with this 6700DN.  The old Phaser had an immediate response time.

We are on a fast network, all users are Mac OS 10+.

I'll appreciate any help.

Thank you.



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Technical Escalation Support
Technical Escalation Support

Re: Slow response on Phaser 6700DN



It is difficult to say what could be causing this without doing additional troubleshooting.  Is it only PDFs that print slow or all file types?  Is it only certain applications that you see the delayed response or all applications?  Do you know how the printer is installed on the Mac (Bonjour/LPR/Jet Direct Socket)?


You may want to call into the support center and open a ticket and ask to be escalated to our 2nd level support team.  We will be able to troubleshoot with you and verify settings.  We could also test your file to see if our machine behaves differently. 



Thank you,
Xerox 2nd Level
Remote Support Engineer

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Re: Slow response on Phaser 6700DN

Hi Tim

I'll get answers to the questions you pose and contact the support center.

Thank you for your suggestions.