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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Special Pages - Office Printing

You can't do it with a single page job. If Xerox allowed that, it would break everything.


Say you wanted 10 copies of a stapled job. If they worked the way you are wanting it to, all the jobs would get stapled together.

In your case you are doing exception pages, but there is no page 2, no matter what you do, no matter how many copies, there is only 1 page.


There are some broken applications that can do it, for instance a few version of Adobe Acrobat allowed for Host collation for instance. In that case, it could be done because those versions of Acrobat would send 2 copies of a 10 page job all in one 20 page file. This caused massive issues, because of course any printer using finishing options became nearly useless.


The simplest method will be to generate a script to duplicate the pages inside of the pdf files.

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Joe Arseneau
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Special Pages - Office Printing

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Have 3rd party software that is generating a single page PDF.

Customer is replacing multi-part forms - so wants one white, one yellow.


Can do pre-collated, but significant premium over standard bond paper.


In the WorkCentre print driver:

  • I can ask for 2 copies.
  • I can staple them together.
  • I can set page 1 and page 2 exceptions - so that page 1 comes out of drawer 3 and page 2 out of drawer 4, holding white and yellow paper, respectively.

But I can't get it to execute.


Both pages comes out of drawer 3.


Not sure if there's a way to automate a workflow using PDF where, the single page PDF runs through a preliminary cycle to make it a 2 page document and then is routed to the defaulted Xerox print driver, pre configured to execute the job as expected.


Any thoughts?


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