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hackerjoe New Member
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Splwow64.exe error Xerox workCentre 5765

A user just emailed me not too long ago and said they were getting this message ----->

splwow64.exe - system error - the program can't start becasue x2utilHL.dll is missing from your computer.

Cant anyone please let me know how to fix this ?

It looks like he was trying to do a mail merge in the screenshot he sent me.

It was a Xerox 5765 he was trying to print to and got the message.





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hackerjoe New Member
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Re: Splwow64.exe error Xerox workCentre 5765

I just double checked and looked through the users computer and the .dll that says is missing is there.


Any ideas anyone ?


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hackerjoe New Member
New Member

Re: Splwow64.exe error Xerox workCentre 5765

I deleted everything in the Registry for that printer and he was able to print to it after adding it.


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Kimzi Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Splwow64.exe error Xerox workCentre 5765

Hi, hackerjoe!


Splwow64.exe allows 32bit programs to connect to 64bit spoolers on the 64bit system.

A few suggestions to why this problem can occur:

As you already found out, it could be corrupt drivers, if reinstalling would not have helped it could have been the permission issuses with the firewall, also disabling Client-side Rendering have been proved solving this for a few ppl.


Best Regards


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FDBT New Member
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Re: Splwow64.exe error Xerox workCentre 5765

This is an old thread, but I know it likely is still hapening to a lot of folks.


We've had this common problem off and on for years now with our Xerox copiers and the Xerox print drivers that are installed via our Windows print server onto the client PCs (our users have no permissions to install printers themselves).  The problem directly stems from the Dependent Files registry entry for the print driver being blank or corrupted on the Windows client PC (Windows 7 64-bit), but I don't know why this registry glitch happens.


When it does happen (and I'll usually get 3 or 4 users a day having this problem), I have a 60 second fix that I do on the client PCs to make them ready to go again (until the next time it happens):


1) Remove the Xerox copiers from the user's list of printers on their PC.

2) RunAs REGEDIT.EXE as an admin user.

3) Delete any Xerox print driver keys that you find under HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows x64\Drivers\Version-3

4) RunAs Services.msc as an admin user.

5) Stop and Start the Print Spool service (or reboot the PC and have the user log in again).

6) Now re-add the Xerox copiers for the user (or you can set up a GPO to automatically add the Xerox copiers when the user logs in).


Printing to the Xerox copier should work now. 


I have been able to apply this workaround remotely too, but the user then has to reboot the computer and login again and then manually re-add the Xerox copier(s), unless you use a GPO to automatically add the copier(s) at login.