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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Staple position for Xerox WorkCentre 5875

It can be done both ways, the deciding factor is how the Original Orientation is set (Not the way it is loaded)


If you set a copy job to go to Tabloid and staple top left, the top left relates to the original doc. So if on the copier you have Original Orientation set as being Landscape, The staple will be put on the top left of the original paper as loaded.

2015-11-30 13.33.07 (Small).jpg


If the original is set to Portrait it will put it on the bottom left instead.


For print jobs, there are settings in the driver, and in most applications, Acrobat/Reader is set to choose automatically, which means a 50/50 chance (And it overrides the driver settings)








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Joe Arseneau
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Staple position for Xerox WorkCentre 5875

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Dear Community,


I have issues trying to staple landscape printing with Xerox WorkCentre 5875.


When I print landscape document, the staple is placed in the top-right corner, not in the top-left as expected.

This issue is present also in COPY function, selecting STAPLE (LANDSCAPE) as finalization.


I just want to be sure that the behaviour is normal, and the finisher is not able to staple in the top-left corner.

Or show me if there is a way to change this behaviour!


I tested the local copy and not only the printing function, to be sure that the issue is not driver related.


I tested the same workflow (printing and copy) on the Xerox WorkCentre 7835, with the same options. In this case the staple is placed in top-left corner as expected.



Thanks for your assistance.





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