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Re: Stock Library Manager - Profiles

This just happened to me again - I put my stock in the drawer, checked the profiles and all was correct so I ran my job. Next job (same paper) - reloaded drawer, checked profile again and it had reverted to default settings.

I'm getting paranoid about checking this so I don't have to re-run jobs (I HATE to re-run jobs).

Side note: It's also annoying that to check that the profile is correct is 3 menus deep in the UI (first world problems, right?) but in a production environment time is money...

Somebody please tell me what I'm doing wrong!

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Stock Library Manager - Profiles

Product Name: Xerox Versant 2100 Press
Operating System: Windows 10

Hello all,

I'm using the Xerox Stock Library Manger Ver 9.009 on my Versant 2100.

I set up profiles for all my stocks and apply them in the manager but occasionally it reverts back to the default settings. I can't tell what I'm doing to make it revert back. It's annoying because I usually don't notice until I go to cut something and it's off center and the front to back registration is off.

Is there a way to get these settings to stay?

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