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Re: Stuck job on Workcenter Pro 133

Since a technician came and showed me the reset procedure, I'll post it for others that may benefit.  It baffles me why the administration manuals don't cover this and the tech help when I called in claimed it didn't exist.  But here it is... the top secret reset sequence.


Switch power off

Hold these three buttons simultaneously  "6"  "power save" top right grey button and "stop" red button

Switch power on and continue to hold those three until the machine is fully restarted


This successfully cleared the stuck job.


Apparently on some other models it is the "2" key instead of the "6"


Hey Xerox... why is this such a secret that you can't just tell this to a customer over the phone rather than requiring sending out a repair person to do it? 

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Re: Stuck job on Workcenter Pro 133

Thank you silvustech for using the forum.

We have an extensive knowledge base for this product at

It looks like you have already performed the recommended proceedure of powering off and on the machine.  The next recommendation is to contact support at 1-800-821-2797 for assistance.


I am sorry I am not able to help you further.


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Stuck job on Workcenter Pro 133

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Our Workcenter Pro 133 has a stuck job that prevents any other printing.  On the control panel it shows "Processing Data" as status, but gives error beeps when "stop" is pressed.  When going to web page for the machine it will not allow logging in as admin due to active job or control panel in use.  Going to jobs on the web page lists the same job but with status "completed".  Selecting it from there and pressing delete gets dialog box saying it cannot be deleted.  Unplugging machine for a couple of minutes deltes all other jobs queued behind this one, but not it.   Help Please.

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