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Re: Supporting Multiple WorkCentres on one Mac

try to install a new printer with LPR , then select manually the PPD file

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Supporting Multiple WorkCentres on one Mac

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Hey all,


I've run into a bit of a problem - I work in a School District with 30-ish sites all running on Mac OS X - mostly 10.6.  About a dozen of our sites just had various versions of the WorkCentre printers installed - several with 5655's, about 10 5755's and one 7428.


Some sites have more than one of these printers, which is at the root of our problem...


All the new 10.6 compatible drivers for the 56, 57 and 7400 series utilitze a XeroxFeatures.plugin PDE installed in /Library/Printers/Xerox/PDE/.  The file name is the same, but these appear to be different files.


If I install the 5700 drivers, for example, and then setup a WC 5700 copier, everything is good.  If I then install the 5600 or 7400 series drivers and then setup one of those copiers, the driver reverts from the polished UI with the icons and proper printer options (finishing, color, etc) to a complete text based UI with way more options (ie: Proper driver gives me Xerox Features menu in the print dialog, with options for Paper/Output, Color Options, Booklet/Watermart and Advanced.  The improper driver gives me Printer Options with Paper Output 1,2,3,4 & 5, Image Options, Special Pages 1-4, Booklet Watermark1 & 2, and Advanced 1-3 options).


Basically, after lots of testing and tweaking, I am coming to believe that the XeroxFeatures.plugin is specific to each series of printer, but because it has the same name and such, means that each Mac can really only properly support ONE kind of Xerox WorkCentre printer.


Frankly, that seems to be really bad system design to me.  Am I wrong or missing something here?  Or is there another way of getting this working?  Or a more universal installer that supports multiple lines of WorkCenters?


Thanks for any help offered.



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