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Term "Pages per Sheet" possibly incorrect?

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I've had a printing problem reported to me regarding the inability of our students to be able to print out single-sided. I went to investigate to see what the problem is.


Computers are iMacs running MacOSX 10.6.8 and printers are Phaser 4620 and Phaser 8560. Did some test printing using Word in Microsoft Office 2011 with 4620.


Created a two page document, then went to print it.


I wanted the output to be single-sided. One of the print options is Layout and "Pages per Sheet" was set at one. I figured, OK, one page per sheet. I printed it out and it printed double-sided. Not what I wanted.


I went back to take a look at what I had done wrong and discovered another print option that I had not noticed the first time. It's called "Xerox Features". Selected it and discovered setting for single or double sided. With this set to single-sided, output was what I was after.


Can't help but feel that it would be more appropriate if the the Layout option specified "Pages per Side" as opposed to "Pages per Sheet". (less wasted paper trying to get the print outs your after)


(Also, noticed driver for Phaser 8560 uses same terminology.)


System Profiler shows drivers as being:

4620 =>  2.32.0 (PPD)

8560 => 1.2(PPD)


Just something I took note of ...





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