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Re: The printer keeps printing double sided documents....



The easiest way to check if its a driver setting or a word/excel setting is to print a pdf document / or txt etc., does the same problem occur?


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Re: The printer keeps printing double sided documents....

Hi jwaters,
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There maybe a default setting that controls this but you forgot to add the model of the printer.

Mitch Swetsky
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The printer keeps printing double sided documents....

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Our users are using windows 7 64 bit. They are printing documents from Excel and Word. Some users are using Office 2010 or 2007. Whats happing is that if a user has a document that has multiple pages, the printer will print these pages double sided. So if the user has a document worth 5 pages the printer will print page 1 and 2 on the same page, 3 and 4 on the same page, and page 5 will be alone, by itself. This happens even if we tell Excel or Word to print the doc on single sheets. Very strange.


Another strange thing is that the printer does not shoot the page out at a normal speed. It will print one page at a time... there is like a two to 3 second dely between pages. On the LED on the printer it say processing. 


I have tried reinstalling the printer and its driver. Nothing changed. The is a very peculiar tech issue. 


Please someone assist... Our World might be in grave danger if this issue is not resolved. :)


Please assist. Thanks. JW

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