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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Thin lines not printing

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It's Postscript optimization doing it.

First option is to Print via PCL driver.


Next up is the Print as image option in  Acrobat/Reader



And third (probably the best and easiest) is to disable Postscript Passthrough in the PS driver.




The screenshot is from within the job, since you will want it enabled globally, you will need to do so as the preference via Start > Devices and printers right-click the PS driver and go to Printing Preferences > Advanced


I used you file and tested all 3 methods and they all work


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Joe Arseneau
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Thin lines not printing

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I have a Phaser 6700 and workcentre 7855. I have a PDF file that has thin lines in it. when i print to the Xerox units the lines do not show up. when i print to any HP printer they do. Does anyone know any settings that will fix this.


I am running the PS driver and have updated all firmware to the currnet spar release.


here is the file


Any help would be greatly appreciated


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