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Re: Three faded horizontal lines on prints

Hi There,

I would have suggested you change out the fuser, toner, and drum/imaging units, but it seems you have done that already. One other thing I would sugges is cleaning the scanner or the glass to see if it's just dirt. 

If cleaning doesn't work I suggest you contac your locat Xerox suppor department for further assitance, 1-800-821-2797 or 1-800-835-6100.  

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Three faded horizontal lines on prints

Product Name: VersaLink C600 Printer
Operating System: Windows 11

Having an issue with all prints coming from the machine. Regardless of what colors are used on the page, it leaves three horizontal lines down the page. They are always the same distance apart, however, their positioning on the page changes from print to print. These aren't like black lines or any particular color though. These are the same color as the print should be, but they're faded. Almost like it isn't getting enough toner onto the page along these three lines.

For some context, I'm printing graphics onto different paper types out of Photoshop. The lines show up no matter what I've tried as a medium (plain, cardstock, glossy cardstock). I also have tried printing directly from windows to no avail as well so I know it isn't photoshop.

Upon printing the support documents, you can see them as well and it led me to believe it was a fuser issue (lined up with the arrows perfectly). I have since replaced the fuser, and the maintenance kit (transfer belt, rollers, etc.). None of that seemed to fix the issue. The last thing I would've thought to replace is the drum cartridges, but I have a hard time believing they all would go bad at the exact same time.I've owned the printer for 3 years, but have hardly used it (less than 700 prints) so I'd really be shocked if any of the disposable parts went out already.

It's extremely difficult to get a scan of it, mostly because when it is subjected to that much light it looks correct since the color is actually there. It's almost like it's a straight line where the luster of the toner just isn't there like it is in the rest of the image.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

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