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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Toner / Drum expiry date


Under normal use, nothing bad should happen. However, the printer should be used so that print quality defects do not occur because, for example, the charge roller is always in contact with the photosensitive drum and could leave marks due to the pressure on the drum. The toner may also be compressed inside the cartridge, which may cause the cartridge components to force.
As for the toner and the drum, they do not have an expiration date.



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New Member

Toner / Drum expiry date

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 10


I would like to know as a general rule, on laser printers, such as Xerox B215, which use toner to print, roughly how long is a toner cartridge good for?

I am asking this because for my printing needs I don't use a lot of toner. I print occasionaly (weekly perhaps) and still have the original toner cartrige that came with my printer sitting at 95%, with the printer having been purchased around nov 2020). If I use it at this rate, would the toner or other consumables go bad before I am able to fully finish them?


Also, it is necessary to print at least a page per month or so, even if i don't necessarily need to, to keep the toner usable? Or does toner not have such issues like ink does?

I use the printer at home in low humidity environment (normal use).

Thank you!



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