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Re: Toner smearing from under Phaser drum cartridge

Hi aterry51,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. The drum is the part that puts the print image on the paper.  It could be the drum cartridge causing the image error.  Please see the solutions for Spots and Marks and see if any of those solutions will fix the issue.  If you replace the drum and still have an issue please contact your local support centre for additional assistance. 

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Toner smearing from under Phaser drum cartridge

Product Name: Phaser 4622
Operating System: Windows 10

This is a lightly used 4622.  A few days ago it started depositing little smears of toner in the upper left of random pages.  Then it got a little worse.  I took out the toner cartridge and didn't find any leaking toner, nor any in the cavity it was in.  There was toner under the left side of the drum cartridge that is under the toner cartridge.  Unfortunately, I tilted the drum cartridge as I was examining the underside, and some toner fell out on the paper I was holding it over.  I cleaned the printer compartment as best I could, replaced both cartridges, and printed some blank pages.  I mostly get small streaks (like a dollop of toner then pulled down 1/2" as the page goes by) but if I print text, some of that will smear downward, mostly anywhere in the middle column of the page.  It is now the entire left half of the page that is subject to glitches.  This toner does not just wipe off of the printed page.  I am assuming the drum leaks rather than the toner cartridge. 

1) what is a drum cartridge anyway?  The drum transfers toner to the paper.  This is a cartridge because it also collects excess toner, and that is what is leaking, or failing to be collected?

2) Is there anything constructive I can do, or do I need to buy a new drum cartridge?  It is old enough that it is beyond any warranty.  The CentreWare app reports 60% life left on the drum and 76% left on the toner cartridge.  I can't remember if this is the original drum (I think it is) but the toner cartridge is relatively new in comparison.

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