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PaulSteiner New Member
New Member

Tray 5 not feeding on Xerox 550 no error message

Hi, I have a Xerox 550 with integrated Fiery and document finisher.  Our tray 5 has stopped feeding and the job just hangs saying printing but no error message appears.  We have to delete the job in order to printo from other trays.  Can anyone help please

Regards, Paul Steiner

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Tray 5 not feeding on Xerox 550 no error message

It *probably* has an error at the Fiery so it does not show up on the copier. Check in the "Printed" queue in Command Workstation, the job should be there failed or stalled, usually red.


Double click it and see what the fault is.


Often it will be because the software and or driver are conflicted about the actual stock in the device.


For example the driver is saying to print to plain in tray 5 Letter LEF paper, and the device actually has Heavyweight in tray 5 Letter LEF.


To eliminate hardware , make a copy using tray 5.

To eliminate the Application and driver, import a pdf into Command Workstation and print using tray 5.


If that works then the driver or the application is at fault, Print from a totally different application, if it works, the application is the problem, if it doesn't the driver is.


Delete the driver and install the one from (look to the lower right under "Popular downloads", the drivers on are much older)

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v.andreev Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Re: Tray 5 not feeding on Xerox 550 no error message



Sometimes unpluging and pluging back the bypass cable helps. Shut down the machine before.


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