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Tray Problem -Phaser 6180MFP-D



I'm having some troubles related with printer drivers and tray selection.


I've a 6180MFP installed on a printserver in windows 2008 r2.

The printer has two trays.

And I'm using the last driver available for this printer model.


I shared the printer 3times, one for color (tray1), black and white (tray1), and accouting (tray2).

The tray for each printer is configured in preferences and in the printing defaults options.


So far so good, even on the user's PCs, if I check the printing proprieties I can see the correct tray selection.


Problem is when printing from any kind of program.

As example, when printing from outlook it has always the "automatic tray" selected, instead of the tray defined on the print defaults.


What am I missing?

I'm no printer expert, but I believe It makes no sense.





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Re: Tray Problem -Phaser 6180MFP-D

I changed from PS driver to PCL6.


Now it doesn't show automatic tray when printing from programs like office.


But now some users don't get the printing defaults configuration.

When I open the printing preferences it should be with the default config defined on the print server, but no, it has the driver factory default.

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